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About Us

MALivelihood started as a worldwide entertainment company ‘Livelihood Entertainment’, which was a Music Booking Agency. After so many years of working with high profile celebrities worldwide, Livelihood decided to diversify into creating Luxury Items. Hence, Livelihood Entertainment became MALIVELIHOOD LUXURY. Our luxury products tend to have a touch of creativity, blended with luxury !  MALIVELIHOOD LUXURY developed a distinctive identity by providing stylish handmade jewellery, handsets and so much more. If you crave luxury and unique items, then MALIVELIHOOD is the brand for you ! We use genuine ELEMENTS, which each of our products are fully hand-crafted, customised with a technique that has been honed to absolute perfection, with a quality of workmanship which ensures that every crystal is precisely positioned in its own perfect space.

* We have supplied some of the world’s well known companies as well as some of the world’s leading individuals such as royals, fashion designers, pro athletes, premiership footballers, actors/actresses and a wide range of artists ! MALIVELIHOOD Luxury is working to expand worldwide !


Our vision is to make sure we provide our clients with products that are of the highest qualities. By so doing, we encourage our clients to think like investors when purchasing a luxury item from us.

Watch Customization

One of our most requested services is customization. We customize based on the desire of our clients. Do you like a specific watch brand ? Or a Rolex brand but you prefer a little ‘bling bling’ ? Not to worry, we are here to serve you !


Our areas of specialization include providing custom bezels, dials and bands for our clients that love to be different. We can design a custom diamond bezel for your watch model and even include a higher or lower quality of diamonds based on your preference


We purchase our diamonds from some of the largest and most well respected suppliers in the industry. We make sure that all stones are guaranteed conflict free and written guarantees are provided by each supplier.


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